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Jarmac’s Coastal Source Sprinter is Here!

Jarmac’s Coastal Source Sprinter is Here!

Jarmac and Coastal Source have partnered to bring our New England dealers the state-of-the-art tools to take outdoor audio and lighting to the next level. Our demo Sprinter contains the full assortment of Coastal Source Bollard Outdoor Speakers and Subwoofers as well as all models of their CRS Rack Mount Amplifiers.

We’re fully equipped to make sure dealers get the help needed to close outdoor audio and lighting sales.  Start coordinating demos for your clients.  With 16 channels & over 8000 watts of Coastal Source IP Controllable Rack Mount Power, 8 Sonos Zones, and 13 speakers we can demo products to fit any budget and any taste in any size outdoor living space.  Your clients are guaranteed to smile as soon as they hear their favorite tunes sounding better than they’ve ever heard them…….indoors or out!

Showcase the entire outdoor environment!  Our dealers along with tools like these make for an unstoppable powerhouse.  Go from “selling some outdoor” to becoming the expert in outdoor audio entertainment.  Once you’ve got your clients listening to Coastal Source Outdoor Audio, you can then inspire them with Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting.


Yes…our Sprinter is also outfitted with the capability of displaying outdoor lighting as well!
Lighting is a lucrative category that is a comfortable fit for CI dealers. Why turn the lighting over to a third party when you’re already working with a client you’ve built a relationship with?

Our sincere appreciation goes to Coastal Source for outfitting our Sprinter the only way they know how……Top of The Line!

Excellent Products, Excellent Workmanship, Excellent Dealer Support, Excellent Design Team and Excellent Training Program.

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Outdoor Audio, Video and Lighting Dealer Training

Outdoor Audio, Video and Lighting Dealer Training

March and April are Outdoor Audio, Video & Lighting Training Month!

Jarmac is committed to training and in 2019 we are embarking on an exciting new idea.  Each month, we’re providing one-on-one sessions on a particular line or category of products that our dealers can look forward to learning more about.

The growth in outdoor living spaces has fueled a growing demand for quality outdoor audio, video & lighting and Jarmac brings you a complete selection of vendors & products. We have put together a spring training for our dealers that will give you a thorough knowledge of the hottest products in outdoor audio, video & lighting in less than an hour.

Outdoor lighting is HOT and Coastal Source is your “go to” company for lighting that stands above the rest. Find out how outdoor lighting can add profit dollars to your business and learn why Coastal Source outdoor lighting is built to last a lifetime.  The award-winning Coastal Source audio products are the top choice for the best outdoor sound. Tune in to understand why our speakers demos produce so many sales.

Local delivery options set the stage for the all new Seura Shade line of outdoor TV’s!  Along with Seura’s Ultrabright line, Seura has set the affordable end of the outdoor TV market on its ear by building products that look and sound better than anything the competition has to offer.

Terra, a division of Leon Speakers has a well earned reputation for building some of the best sounding and most durable outdoor audio products on the planet! Learn how Terra designs their speakers to be so sturdy they’re guaranteed for life. The Terra LS speakers integrate LED lighting with audio to give your projects a unique way to provide both options to your clients.

Klipsch is known for performance, so it comes as no surprise that they have a killer line of outdoor audio products using high efficiency horn loaded tweeters just like their home products.  With both 70volt & 8ohm applications, the matching Klipsch DSP amplifiers complete the package to produce sound quality (and volume) that no other “bullet style” speaker can match.

Here is a reminder on the best way to protect your clients investment in all their outdoor gear. TPD surge suppression is the choice when it comes to protecting outdoor equipment. During our training you’ll learn what makes TPD different!

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For Integrators Only…NO ONLINE SALES!

For Integrators Only…NO ONLINE SALES!

The SANUS Black Series is an exclusive line of TV Mounts available only to CI dealers and is NOT found on the internet, in big box retailers or distributors.  All SANUS Black TV Mounts have been designed and engineered based on input direct from Custom Installers. These mounts are easier to use, easier to install and most importantly…easier to sell!  No more price shopping or deal hunting from clients because these mounts are only available to authorized dealers!

Sanus Black dealers have access to the entire line of Sanus mounts, furniture, and racks.  If the exclusivity, profitability, and freight programs weren’t enough…the line has upgraded feature sets from the existing line of Sanus products to make installation and operation a more installer-friendly experience while also benefiting the end user.

Learn more about the entire line of Sanus products Here