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Just Add Power: Video Distribution on the Green

Just Add Power: Video Distribution on the Green

Montecito Club Makes a Hole in One With Just Add Power’s Ultra HD Over IP Platform in Upgraded Amenities


In March 2019, the Montecito Club in Santa Barbara, California, reopened after a three-and-a-half-year, $75 million renovation. In addition to a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, the 101-year-old private golf and social club upgraded its amenities to the 21st century with a new 6,500-square-foot fitness center, state-of-the-art screening room and movie theater, AMF Bowling Alley, outdoor theater, men’s and women’s lounges, and much more.

In addition, the Club has been outfitted with displays ranging from 43 inches to a whopping 85 inches across all areas — from the Pro Shop and members’ lounges to the pool and tennis court — as well as two Vivitek DU8090Z laser projectors. Installed by Central Coast Audio Visual, each display plays out live sports and other content from its own DirecTV receiver. Two Apple TVs are shared among the displays for streaming movies, while a digital signage PC allows the Club to promote member events and provide leader boards for ongoing golf tournaments. 


With details like old-growth oak floors, hand-carved African mahogany doors, and Venetian plaster ceilings, a luxurious design is a central element to the Montecito Club experience. For the Club’s owner, it was important that the new displays didn’t detract from its elegant style. Each needed to be mounted cleanly on the wall, with no gap or any source equipment cluttering the space. To achieve this, all sources for the displays scattered across the massive property would need to be located remotely in one centralized location. This made cost-effective and reliable video distribution a critical aspect of the project. To provide it, Central Coast Audio Visual turned to Just Add Power (J+P).

“We explored using another solution at the Montecito Club, but only the Just Add Power platform offered such exceptional performance and reliability at a fair price point,” said Chris Wilson, president of Central Coast Audio Visual. “In addition, Just Add Power offered one more critical advantage to this installation: simple scalability. During construction, the scope of the project continued to expand, and without being limited to a specific source or display count, we were able to easily accommodate that growth.”

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TechTalk: Vivint Says Pro Program Can Help Grow Integration Businesses

TechTalk: Vivint Says Pro Program Can Help Grow Integration Businesses

Thanks to Vivint’s Smart Home Authorized Pro program, integrators can spend less time installing cameras and more time growing their businesses.

When Vivint originally announced it was entering the pro install market, it came as a bit of a shock to many security integrators. Now, the company is hoping to provide a valuable resource to both established security integrators and residential integrators who also install security products. Vivint discussed the topic during its CEDIA Expo TechTalk and focused on how CE pros can grow their businesses via the Vivint Smart Home Authorized Pro program.

The Vivint program is built specifically for integrators with the intention of expanding their RMR. But you don’t have to be a security integrator to benefit from the program, as Vivint works with residential integrators as well, providing training to those who want to learn more.

“I’ve seen presentations on selling and selling to this channel, but I’ve never seen anything as scientific as how Vivint presents it. It’s based on years and years of learnings from the field,” says presenter and CE Pro founding editor Julie Jacobson.

An important thing to note about the service is that it is not about selling Vivint, it’s about integrators selling themselves. This means taking Vivint’s training and using it beyond just Vivint’s products.


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Introducing American Lighting at Jarmac!

Introducing American Lighting at Jarmac!

Founded in 1989, American Lighting manufactures a wide range of lighting solutions for your residential, commercial and specialty lighting needs.  American Lighting & Prizm lines are a perfect fit for the custom integration channel due to the fact that they offer a wide variety of low voltage options in addition to color-changing products that are DMX controllable.

Now American Lighting is ready for the CEDIA channel and looking to talk with our integrators.  Recently American Lighting joined Prosource and have put together an aggressive program for all dealers to buy directly from American Lighting.  They have an aggressive program for direct dealers so you can feel confident you can make a good margin by selling American Lighting.



Lutron Recommends Transient Protection Design Surge Suppression – Do you?

Lutron Recommends Transient Protection Design Surge Suppression – Do you?

The most successful dealers know that making a customer for life is more rewarding than just making a sale. How do you differentiate your lighting business from other dealers?

Protect your clients’ equipment to give them the trouble-free service they expect and deserve. Do what major manufacturers such as Lutron, Savant, and Pakedge recommend. Increase your company’s economic effectiveness with reduced downtime, fewer service calls, and less late-night phone calls.

The Lutron Lighting control application manual recommends the use of surge suppression devices to protect sensitive lighting control equipment. The notes state:
“The following suppression units will protect the electrical system from external transients entering the system through the power lines. The filtering part of the units will clean the power, and suppress internally generated transients that can lockup electronics, necessitate reprogramming of controls, and gradually deteriorate sensitive electronics.”

The recommended suppression units are all made by TPD and can protect Radio Ra2, HomeWorks, and Homeworks QS installations.

TPD can supply surge suppression devices that will protect from transients by stopping them dead at the point of entry into the dwelling. TPD’s design service can help you design a protective surge shield that protects all copper entering and leaving the dwelling. Lighting, communication lines, cable, cameras, gate controls, and even outdoor audio and video are protected.

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JL Audio In-Wall and In-Ceiling Subwoofers

JL Audio In-Wall and In-Ceiling Subwoofers

The qualities that make JL Audio’s subwoofers exceptional-lack of bloat and overhang, coupled with tremendous power and authority are available in an in-wall and in-ceiling version.


Fathom® IWS/ICS-108 and 208


These in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofer systems are available with a single or dual 8-inch subwoofer driver configuration and 600 watts of power to deliver earth-shaking bass from a hidden cabinet that sacrifices nothing when compared to JL Audio’s world-class floor standing Fathom subwoofers. For clients who demand the best sound but want the equipment concealed…JL Audio has delivered the goods!


The 8-inch Fathom® IWS in-wall system fits in all standard, 16-inch, on-center stud openings, and operating through very small grilles. These grilles accommodate any common drywall thickness and can be easily painted to match the wall. The ICS-108 in-ceiling system fits 2″ x 6″ ceiling joists or larger, with assembled joists ranging from 16-inches to 25 1/2-inches on center.


Each 8-inch Fathom® IWS system is powered by a rack-mountable amplifier, capable of generating up to 600 watts of clean power. A complete set of Fathom® signal processing features is also onboard, including an 18-band Digital Automatic Room Optimization (D.A.R.O.) system, managed via an easy-to-use, menu-driven interface and LCD display.


The subwoofer enclosures are extremely rigid and are designed to isolate the surrounding wall structure from the vibrations of the subwoofer.  Inside each enclosure is a long-excursion, 8-inch thin-line woofer, built to exacting standards by JL Audio for the Fathom® IWS and ICS products. JL Audio builds the most over-designed drivers in the business and these are no exception. The enclosure uses a  unique port design that vents through a slot located at the perimeter of the driver mount to enhance efficiency and low-bass output.


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New from Leon: Shapeshifting Audio for Sonos

New from Leon: Shapeshifting Audio for Sonos


Bringing unparalleled style to your Sonos entertainment system, the Ente Series combines fine artwork or a decorative grill
with two channels of brilliant, room-filling sound optimized to work in perfect harmony with the Sonos Amp.


Working in partnership with Sonos® to develop a line of lifestyle products for their new amp, Leon’s Ente Series brings enhanced sound and Leon’s signature style to Sonos. All Ente products include Leon’s Ultima Reference speaker system and SONOS AMP.


The ENTE SOUNDTILE combines fine artwork or a decorative grill with 2 channels of Leon sound optimized to work perfectly with the SONOS AMP. The chosen artwork is printed directly onto a perforated metal or fabric grill that can be customized to suit any décor.

Plug and play zone of audio powered by included Sonos Amp
Available in exposed Baltic Birch, White or Black
Acoustically transparent magnetic grill
Easy on-wall mounting system using an integrated French cleat for a perfect flush fit
Full-range stereo speakers with brilliant, studio monitor sound quality
Choose from printed textiles and fabrics, or limited edition screen prints.  Handcrafted in the USA




The ENTE SOUND SCULPTURE incorporates curved Baltic Birch panels, LED lighting, and two channels of audio, creating an entertainment experience unlike any other.

The Ente Sound Sculpture Features:
Custom handcrafted design to match any space or style
Available in exposed Baltic Birch, White or Black
Uses Leon’s Ultima speakers and included SONOS AMP
Includes a programmable LED lighting kit
Mounts flush to the wall using an integrated French cleat mount




The DENZA SOUNDBAR is both  a Soundbar and floating shelf in one.  It is handcrafted out of solid hardwood and houses 2 channels of audio with additional storage space for AV components like the new Sonos Amp.  The new Denza creates a design-friendly sound solution for any home.


Jarmac’s Coastal Source Sprinter is Here!

Jarmac’s Coastal Source Sprinter is Here!

Jarmac and Coastal Source have partnered to bring our New England dealers the state-of-the-art tools to take outdoor audio and lighting to the next level. Our demo Sprinter contains the full assortment of Coastal Source Bollard Outdoor Speakers and Subwoofers as well as all models of their CRS Rack Mount Amplifiers.

We’re fully equipped to make sure dealers get the help needed to close outdoor audio and lighting sales.  Start coordinating demos for your clients.  With 16 channels & over 8000 watts of Coastal Source IP Controllable Rack Mount Power, 8 Sonos Zones, and 13 speakers we can demo products to fit any budget and any taste in any size outdoor living space.  Your clients are guaranteed to smile as soon as they hear their favorite tunes sounding better than they’ve ever heard them…….indoors or out!

Showcase the entire outdoor environment!  Our dealers along with tools like these make for an unstoppable powerhouse.  Go from “selling some outdoor” to becoming the expert in outdoor audio entertainment.  Once you’ve got your clients listening to Coastal Source Outdoor Audio, you can then inspire them with Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting.


Yes…our Sprinter is also outfitted with the capability of displaying outdoor lighting as well!
Lighting is a lucrative category that is a comfortable fit for CI dealers. Why turn the lighting over to a third party when you’re already working with a client you’ve built a relationship with?

Our sincere appreciation goes to Coastal Source for outfitting our Sprinter the only way they know how……Top of The Line!

Excellent Products, Excellent Workmanship, Excellent Dealer Support, Excellent Design Team and Excellent Training Program.

Click here to learn more about Coastal Source

SeeLess Solutions

SeeLess Solutions

SeeLess is leveraging the beauty and quality of plaster to create revolutionary plaster mounting solutions designed to seamlessly embed in-wall wiring devices such as receptacles, light switches, outlets, keypads, dimmers, thermostats, and smoke detectors. The result becomes easy to discern in the geometry of every space, providing elegant lines and finishing transitions.

Our gypsum platform enables you to take devices that currently are being installed and provide them the ability to be recessed in a trimless and beautifully designed in-wall mount. SeeLess Solutions deliver a minimal modern design, adaptable to all residential and commercial environments.

The SeeLess team is fully committed to customer satisfaction. Our products meet the highest standard of quality and durability. Our pledge is to provide individual attention and support to each of our clients, carefully sorting through every detail of your plan and helping you step by step so you can bring your vision to life.

 Check out the installation videos to learn more about how our products work and shop through our products now!

ViVint SmartHome

ViVint SmartHome

New Vivint Pro Program is ‘Dream’ RMR Opportunity for Home-Tech Channel.  The program enables home-tech pros to earn RMR and product margins on alarm and home-automation systems and services, leaving all the heavy lifting to Vivint
Affordable Smart Home Solution
Vivint is a complete and affordable smart home solution with available financing.
Product Margin
Profit from products supplied and installed by Vivint‘s field service team.
Turn Key Offering
Capture a larger market share with a turnkey solution allowing you to focus on growth.
Award-winning Support
Vivint provides 24/7/365 end-user support and monitoring.
Profitable RMR Share
Vivint shares in monthly RMR for the life of the customer’s service.
Scalable Business Model
Leverage Vivint‘s National field service and 24/7 support teams.

Outdoor Audio, Video and Lighting Dealer Training

Outdoor Audio, Video and Lighting Dealer Training

March and April are Outdoor Audio, Video & Lighting Training Month!

Jarmac is committed to training and in 2019 we are embarking on an exciting new idea.  Each month, we’re providing one-on-one sessions on a particular line or category of products that our dealers can look forward to learning more about.

The growth in outdoor living spaces has fueled a growing demand for quality outdoor audio, video & lighting and Jarmac brings you a complete selection of vendors & products. We have put together a spring training for our dealers that will give you a thorough knowledge of the hottest products in outdoor audio, video & lighting in less than an hour.

Outdoor lighting is HOT and Coastal Source is your “go to” company for lighting that stands above the rest. Find out how outdoor lighting can add profit dollars to your business and learn why Coastal Source outdoor lighting is built to last a lifetime.  The award-winning Coastal Source audio products are the top choice for the best outdoor sound. Tune in to understand why our speakers demos produce so many sales.

Local delivery options set the stage for the all new Seura Shade line of outdoor TV’s!  Along with Seura’s Ultrabright line, Seura has set the affordable end of the outdoor TV market on its ear by building products that look and sound better than anything the competition has to offer.

Terra, a division of Leon Speakers has a well earned reputation for building some of the best sounding and most durable outdoor audio products on the planet! Learn how Terra designs their speakers to be so sturdy they’re guaranteed for life. The Terra LS speakers integrate LED lighting with audio to give your projects a unique way to provide both options to your clients.

Klipsch is known for performance, so it comes as no surprise that they have a killer line of outdoor audio products using high efficiency horn loaded tweeters just like their home products.  With both 70volt & 8ohm applications, the matching Klipsch DSP amplifiers complete the package to produce sound quality (and volume) that no other “bullet style” speaker can match.

Here is a reminder on the best way to protect your clients investment in all their outdoor gear. TPD surge suppression is the choice when it comes to protecting outdoor equipment. During our training you’ll learn what makes TPD different!

CLICK HERE to inquire about Jarmac’s dealer training opportunities.

For Integrators Only…NO ONLINE SALES!

For Integrators Only…NO ONLINE SALES!

The SANUS Black Series is an exclusive line of TV Mounts available only to CI dealers and is NOT found on the internet, in big box retailers or distributors.  All SANUS Black TV Mounts have been designed and engineered based on input direct from Custom Installers. These mounts are easier to use, easier to install and most importantly…easier to sell!  No more price shopping or deal hunting from clients because these mounts are only available to authorized dealers!

Sanus Black dealers have access to the entire line of Sanus mounts, furniture, and racks.  If the exclusivity, profitability, and freight programs weren’t enough…the line has upgraded feature sets from the existing line of Sanus products to make installation and operation a more installer-friendly experience while also benefiting the end user.

Learn more about the entire line of Sanus products Here
Klipsch is your ONE STOP SHOP in Custom Installation

Klipsch is your ONE STOP SHOP in Custom Installation

Klipsch introduces System Design…..when you want a partner to help you get the job done on time, on budget and sonically on point!

All new Designer Series…No Tools…No Problem!  Features the Klipsch SKYHOOK™ TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION SYSTEM.  This exclusive installation system engages the dog legs automatically when the speaker is inserted into the cutout hole with a preset clamping force, eliminating the possibility of over-torquing. This fast, easy installation system reduces install time by up to 75%

Professional Series Reference Premier | Utilizes the Klipsch SecureFit modular installation system allows for the dog legs to be engaged by hand to a preset clamping force, eliminating the possibility of over-torquing. The speaker module is fixed to the bezel using machine screws instead of traditional drywall screws for a more robust, acoustically stable installation.

Landscape Speakers | Klipsch Landscape speakers are designed to bring classic Klipsch performance to a new area of the listener’s life. With horn load dispersion and efficiency plus ultra deep base, Klipsch Landscape is the integrators choice for this form factor in outdoor audio.

All New Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers | Klipsch has upgraded their award winning titanium tweeter, by adding venting to increase the clarity and imaging of the speakers. The Patented Cerametallic woofer is extremely rigid but also extremely light. Perfect for reproducing deep tight bass. Klipsch wraps all this with killer good looks and a state of the art box which uses lock-joint and miter construction for an ultra stiff enclosure to create the most resonant free cabinet possible.

Klipsch has been around for 72 years and they have put all that knowledge and experience into their best line-up yet.

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Bringing the Sound to a Cypher in Queens

Bringing the Sound to a Cypher in Queens

What started as an Instagram DM turned into one of the coolest custom projects of the year. Check out A Cypher In Queens, a tribute by artist Sherwin Banfield to Queens hip-hop legends Jam Master Jay, Phife Dawg, and Prodigy—powered by Terra Speakers.

“The sculptures have resonated with many viewers and having the music permeating throughout the park—let me tell you, the acoustics are absolutely incredible, crystal clear and bass heavy. A perfect combination for the sculptures.” –Sherwin Banfied, A Cypher in Queens


Leon Profile Series

Leon Profile Series

Installing a TV over the fireplace but in a pinch for enough height to install a soundbar? Tired of the TV + soundbar look? Leon Profile Series on-wall/side-mount speakers deliver a high-performance audio experience in an elegant vertical design.

Each Profile speaker is built to match the height of your TV. Choose from six models, each with two different configurations, to achieve the perfect audio solution for your space.

Profile Speakers can be configured as a left/right pair or as a left, center, right configuration. The system can be upgraded using a Leon Aaros series subwoofer mounted either in-room or in-wall. A 5.1 or 7.1 channel system can be assembled using Leon’s Axis and Vault loudspeakers for an elegant in-ceiling or in-wall installation that sounds magnificent and looks even better!

And when you sell a Leon Living Theater system (Soundbar, Rear Channels & Subwoofer) you receive a 5% Discount!

To learn more about Leon’s palette of products Click Here

No More Video Scrubbing!

No More Video Scrubbing!

Did you know that the average surveillance camera sees less than two minutes of interesting video each day despite streaming and recording 24/7? Scrubbing through hours of video to find a security event is so old fashioned. With IC Realtime’s ella, intelligent video searching is a reality.

Ella is essentially a “Google” engine for finding people, objects and events on surveillance video…speeding up video searches to just seconds!  Comprised of an on-premise video gateway device and the Cloud platform subscription, pricing starts at $6.99 per month, increasing with storage and analysis features needed for the particular scope of each project.

The Ella dealer portal empowers dealers deploying the software with full management over monthly plan creation, customer creation/enrollment, services offered, and customer payments.

Learn more about the ella Surveillance Search Engine HERE
Smart and Good Looking:  The NEW Vantage Adorne Keypad

Smart and Good Looking: The NEW Vantage Adorne Keypad

The adorne® capacitive-touch style keypad from Legrand® enhances the range of design options available from Vantage®. Stations and may be configured with 1*, 3*, or 6 “button” and provides room-by-room or whole house scene control while giving the homeowner the ability to utilize programmable buttons and make it a perfect solution for reduced wall clutter.

The keypads come with Touch™ an innovative capacitive touch feature by adorne that turns lights on and off with just a soft touch of the finger. They provide scene-based control and are available in low voltage two-wire bus versions.  Aesthetically consistent with all adorne below chair rail electrical and low-voltage devices. Each of the programmable Touch Switch buttons are evenly backlit with a built in diffuser and tri-color LEDs. The programmable backlight color indicates the button status.

To learn more about the Adorne Keypad CLICK HERE

When Your Reference is Live Music

When Your Reference is Live Music

The new Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers fall in the middle of their current speaker line between the standard Reference and Heritage Classic lines, and have gotten cosmetic and technical upgrades for 2018. The line consists of 5 floor-standing models, 3 bookshelf, 5 center channels and 3 surround models.

On the cosmetic side, there are new copper trim rings around the patented Tractrix horn and the woofer, along with a new satin baffle. They have also added new upgraded veneer options for the exterior of the speaker, including walnut vinyl. The word that summarizes the new look is “elegant”.

On the technical side, Klipsch has tweaked this top-performing line to squeeze even more accurate sound from this successful design. They’ve upgraded the titanium tweeter, by adding venting to increase the clarity and imaging of the speakers.

They’ve also coated the horn with a silicone layer to damp reflections. Remember that the horn allows Klipsch to control the directivity of the driver to eliminate room reflections and interactions. Now think about how important controlled directivity is when creating height channels in a Dolby Atmos theater and you can understand why Klipsch rules when designing a home theater.

The Cerametallic woofer is extremely rigid but also extremely light. Perfect for reproducing deep tight bass. Klipsch wraps all this good design up in a box which uses lock-joint and miter construction for an ultra stiff enclosure, then adds H bracing to create the most resonant-free cabinet possible. The Reference Premier line uses dual inputs to allow for bi-amping or bi-wiring and uses aluminum feet to position the speaker at the correct angle for the best frequency response and imaging.

What about all the other rooms of the house?

Klipsch Reference Premiere Sound is also available in their architectural line of speakers. By also utilizing horn loaded titanium tweeters and Cerametallic woofers Klipsch has made it easy to mix and match bookshelf, floorstanding, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers while maintaining a consistent tonal balance between speakers. Klipsch Architectural Reference Premiere speakers all ship with round and square grills. No last minute panic at the job site!

Klipsch has been around for 72 years and they have put all that knowledge and experience into their best Reference speakers ever!

To learn more, visit

Are You in the Dark When it Comes to Motorized Shading?

Are You in the Dark When it Comes to Motorized Shading?

Do you ever look out your car window when driving along the highway and notice that the sea of houses that seems to stretch into infinity all have windows……lots of windows. All of those windows have window coverings. That’s your client base and those are all potential sales.

You can probably also see business after business along the road with windows that need window treatments. Commercial applications also like to advertise and Qmotion Custom Printed Motorized Shade Solutions are a great way to sell a unique solution to your clients that will really help them differentiate their business.

Here is an example of some out of the box thinking:

A Qmotion installation was recently completed at University of South Carolina’s Williams-Brice Stadium and Founder’s Park.

Privacy shades for the football recruiting room along with an impressive backdrop for baseball press conferences and interviews. The shades were custom-made for each space. In addition to providing glare and heat control, adding printed shades offers your customers endless design ideas for their projects.

It’s an ideal medium to display:
Company logos
Photographs additional display areas
Each shade is printed on-demand.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the University of South Carolina’s Qmotion Installation


A Sonic Miracle? – Definitely!

A Sonic Miracle? – Definitely!

A Visual Miracle? – Without a Doubt!  LiveWall Changes the Game AGAIN by Bringing Sonic Performance No Other Invisible Speaker Can Match!

Measuring only 10″ X 12″ the LW1210 is unique in every aspect of it’s design.
  • Weather Resistant – Withstands heat, cold, humidity and moisture.
  • The LW1210 can be used indoors or out. It’s even built to stand up to marine use!
  • Can be used in new construction or retrofit into existing walls and ceilings.
  • The woven fiberglass diaphragm accepts drywall mud, Venetian plaster and stucco.Built-in protection against excessive power and electrical spikes.

To Learn More About the Entire Line of Live-Wall Products CLICK HERE

Introducing…The NEW Sony MASTER Series!

Introducing…The NEW Sony MASTER Series!

Reality Mastered

“MASTER Series” is the name given to the top-end model series that carries Sony’s unique, X1 Ultimate high-quality image processor and panel control technology, delivering exquisite picture quality worthy of recommendation by professionals.


Only models that clear stringent internal evaluation are given the “MASTER Series” name, and are differentiated from any other models.

MASTER Series A9F…A masterclass in contrast.
The A9F OLED is available in 55″ and 65″ sizes and features Sony’s minimal distraction design popularized in the A1E series. The user sees only picture with no speakers and only a tiny bezel visible.

Its X1 Ultimate processor intelligently enhances brightness, detail, motion and color to display the best OLED picture quality available.

few of the A9F’s features:
Pixel Contrast Booster –OLED sets have historically struggled to maintain proper color and contrast at high brightness levels. Not anymore! The X1 Ultimate Picture processor provides enhanced color and contrast in high luminance scenes. Scenes take on a 3 dimensional quality with more fine detail and more vivid color.
Acoustic Surface Audio+ speaker system – The A9F uses 3 hidden transducers and 2 subwoofers to produce superb sound that emanates from the screen itself. The transducers vibrate the screen glass so the location of sounds match the on screen action.
TV Center Speaker Mode –Speaker inputs allow the use of the A9F’s speaker system as the center channel in a full surround sound installation. Properly positioning the center channel information on screen is immediately noticeable and offers a big sound quality improvement.
Netflix Calibrated Mode –With this new mode, the menu setting effectively takes picture information that might be used in a grading suite with a professional reference monitor, and applies it to the display of the program, with the goal of allowing Netflix viewers to get accurate color and contrast, including when they are viewing content in 4K resolution or high dynamic range (HDR).


MASTER Series Z9F…A masterpiece in realism.
The Z9F LCD is available in both 65″ and 75″ sizes. The high brightness capabilities of this model makes it a great choice for clients who do not have full control over ambient lighting in their viewing area.Previous generations of LCD TVs have suffered from narrow viewing angles….not anymore.

The Z9F incorporates:
X-Wide Angle – By increasing the usable viewing angle Sony makes watching TV from the sidelines as satisfying as being front and center. Colors stay accurate and light levels consistent no matter where you sit.

X-Motion Clarity – Moving images are precisely controlled to eliminate blur while retaining full image brightness with no “soap opera effect”

Netflix Calibrated Mode – This mode was specially developed to enjoy Netflix originals and reproduce the same picture quality on a TV as on a studio evaluation master. With Netflix Calibrated Mode, the creator’s vision and intent is faithfully preserved.

Designed to match the HT-Z9F soundbar – The HT-Z9F brings a Dolby Atmos surround sound experience to your client in a slim single unit with subwoofer. Designed to neatly into the Z9F’s stand this soundbar packs a powerful punch in a neat, clean and easy to install package.


CLICK HERE to Learn More About the New Master Series

SurgeX Envision Provides Instant Analysis and Resolution of Power Issues

SurgeX Envision Provides Instant Analysis and Resolution of Power Issues

How do you uncover power issues and the best solution to eliminate them?    With the SurgeX Envision Power Conditioning System!
EnVision provides visibility and control into the power conditions at a customer’s site by gathering and analyzing data to facilitate root cause discussions with affected customers. It interprets the data into key metrics and trends and baselines the factors which influence equipment operation, damage conditions, and inefficiencies.

It is the only software that identifies the potential cause of power issues and offers solutions to resolve them.  It also includes Multi-Stage power protection and conditioning that includes Cat 6 network and ground fault protection to make sure connected equipment is safeguarded when electrical disturbances occur.

EnVision gives you a wealth of information:
  • Measures line and neutral to ground voltage, crest factor, power factor, and line frequency metrics
  • 512 time-stamped events with specific date and time
  • Historical max./min./avg. data up to 138 days
  • Customizable settings
  • Multi-Stage power protection and conditioning
  • Catastrophic over/under voltage shutdown
  • Inrush current elimination
  • Internal battery
  • Remote access capable with optional Remote Portal module
The enVision allows service teams to make informed, fast business decisions that can increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

Click Here for more information
SOUNDCAST: Vacation Upgrade

SOUNDCAST: Vacation Upgrade

Upgrade your vacation with the take anywhere, everywhere VG1 premium waterproof bluetooth speaker.

Featuring a rugged design and a fully waterproof (IP67) rating, the VG1 can go wherever you go. With dual aluminum drivers and a rear firing bass radiator, the audio performance is best in class. With a 15 hour battery, the VG1 can run all day without needing a recharge.

Better yet, if you want to stay connected on-the-go, the VG1 not only works as a hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone, but you can also communicate commands with Siri directly! The VG1 can also partner up with another VG1 to create a TWS (True Wireless Stereo) pair.

Soundcast VG-1
Rugged elegance meets audio nirvana with the VG1. The perfect travel companion.


Visit to learn more.
Jarmac Has Partnered with Milestone AV Technologies!

Jarmac Has Partnered with Milestone AV Technologies!

You may not be familiar with Milestone which became part of Legrand last year, but you surely are familiar with the brands that fall under their corporate umbrella. Sanus, Chief, and Da-LITE.

Each brand has its own unique story and specialty. Each brand shares a common thread. Being part of Milestone, they share the same solution-based design mission, world-class engineering, product support and the incredible resources only available through a large well-funded company.

In other words, the net result is that all 3 companies have a rich history, supply top of class products, provide a tremendous amount of support in the form of knowledge, online tools, and highly trained customer service personnel, all brands share a single web portal for fast and easy ordering and are just all around great to do business with.

For those of you who remember, Sanus got their start making the first audiophile speaker stands. Today they have grown to become the largest retail TV mount brand in the world! Sanus and Chief merged in 2004 to form Milestone AV Technologies.
Sanus has recently introduced a new line of products directed at the CI market…SANUS BLACK.


The SANUS Black Series is an exclusive line of TV Mounts available only to CI dealers and is NOT found on the internet, in big box retailers or distributors.  All SANUS Black TV Mounts have been designed and engineered based on input direct from Custom Installers. These mounts are easier to use, easier to install and most importantly easier to sell. No more price shopping or deal hunting from clients because these mounts are only available to authorized dealers!

All Sanus mounts, furniture, and racks ship with free freight and Sanus Black dealers have access to the entire line of products.  If the exclusivity, profitability, and free freight weren’t enough…the line has upgraded feature sets from the existing line of Sanus products to make installation and operation a more installer-friendly experience while also benefiting the end user. The Sanus website offers tools to aid in the selection and proper installation of their products.

To learn more about Sanus Black Click Here.    To learn more about other Sanus products Click Here

Chief started in 1978 by producing the original projector mount with roll, pitch, and yaw adjustments ushering in an era of quick and easy projector set up.

With a knack for supplying the commercial market as well as the residential market with the most complete line of mounts, racks, and accessories for TVs, displays, projectors and other AV components, the Chief catalog has grown to contain over 7.600 SKUs. If they don’t make it, it probably doesn’t exist!

Flat Panel Mounts
The widest selection of high-grade display mounts in the industry, with options for wall, ceiling, or floor installation.

Projector Mounts
The industry standard for mounting ceiling and short throw projectors.

Monitor arms and arrays
Elegantly designed monitor mounts that create efficient, productive, and ergonomic workspaces.

Rack Systems
A full line of enclosures, racks, and accessories for the professional AV market.

Power and Storage Infrastructure
A flexible line of in-wall or above-ceiling storage solutions with and without power.
Whether you’re mounting a short or long throw projector, building a video wall, installing digital signage or creating an 8 monitor workstation, Chief can make it happen!

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Who hasn’t heard the term ‘The Silver Screen”? Do you know where that term came from? In 1909 Adele De Berri used reflective silver paint to create screens for the then new cinema projection screens and so the legendary term was born. Da-Lite has been making projection screens ever since. Today Da-Lite is the oldest and largest manufacturer of high quality commercial and residential projection screens in the world.

Da-lite can provide a solution for any need whether it be front projection, rear projection, electric or manual.
Whether your project involves a bulb or laser light source, HD, 4K or even 8K resolution, a light controlled environment or a high ambient light environment, Da-lite has the right product. They can even supply screens for use with short throw projectors and do all of this in many fixed frame or electric, wall, and ceiling models, most of which can be customized for size, black drop, case color, decorative veneers and control options.

Most importantly Da-LITE offers comprehensive online tools to help you select the right size and type of screen for your project and backs it up with incredibly knowledgeable and helpful customer service staff to walk you through the entire design process.

Da-lite can provide a solution for any need whether it be front projection, rear projection, electric or manual.

Whether your project involves a bulb or laser light source, HD, 4K or even 8K resolution, a light controlled environment or a high ambient light environment, Da-lite has the right product. They can even supply screens for use with short throw projectors and do all of this in many fixed frame or electric, wall, and ceiling models, most of which can be customized for size, black drop, case color, decorative veneers and control options.

Most importantly Da-LITE offers comprehensive online tools to help you select the right size and type of screen for your project and backs it up with incredibly knowledgeable and helpful customer service staff to walk you through the entire design process.

CLICK HERE to learn more
Séura SMART Mirrors

Séura SMART Mirrors

Research indicates that as many as 64% of American adults report using their smart devices in the bathroom.  

Séura engineered the SMART Mirror to provide a solution that brings smart capability into the bathroom while being hands-free and allowing for multi-tasking, unlike any other device.

The Seura SMART Mirror is a fully customizable, highly capable interactive display designed to help consumers accomplish even more during the time they spend in front of their mirror. The user interface allows consumers to create their own custom SMART Mirror dashboards featuring their favorite apps and widgets from the Google Play Store.

This SMART Mirror offers the convenience of bringing one’s calendar, weather, email, music, social media, video streaming, news and more to the bathroom mirror. The display also has the ability to function as a live TV.

“We designed the SMART Mirror user experience with women in mind,” said Gretchen Gilbertson, Séura Co-Founder, and CEO.“As women, we are constantly prioritizing and trying to get the most out of each day. We are also typically spending more than an hour in the bathroom every day getting ready or winding down. The SMART Mirror is a solution that will enable women to make more of this time spent in front of the mirror – whether they use it to organize, to escape, to entertain or anything in between.”

The SMART Mirror also plays an important role in the smart home revolution, bringing comprehensive home control capabilities to the bathroom for the first time ever. The interface allows users to access their smart home automation apps to monitor and adjust lighting, temperature, music, shades, and security all from the place they start and end every day: the bathroom vanity.

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Jarmac Introduces WilsonPro Cellular Boosters

Jarmac Introduces WilsonPro Cellular Boosters

Did you know that over 75% of all mobile calls are dialed from indoors? The days of telephone landlines are a thing of the past. People use their cell phones more than ever,and rely on strong cellular reception in their offices and homes. However, sprawling, large-scale buildings made from concrete, brick, metal, and coated glass can block even the strongest cellular signals.

Everyone has had the experience of having a call dropped or just having poor call quality. You move around, head for a window or even go outdoors to try and improve your reception. Unfortunately, sometimes the distance to the nearest cell tower, the local terrain or even the building itself all conspire to weaken and interrupt the cellular signal. Also, what about using your cellular service to generate a WiFi hotspot. It’s impossible without a good quality cellular signal.

This is a common problem for any size business as well as for a homeowner. The 2 things your clients will absolutely not put up within their home or business is bad WiFi and terrible cellular service. As an integrator, you can provide them with a solution to their cellular problems by using a cellular booster or amplifier. WilsonPro cell signal boosters work to capture the available signal outside the building, amplify it, and broadcast it indoors. This way, you can experience better voice quality and flawless data transmissions at work or home. Remember also that many other devices such as a security system require a solid cellular connection for operation that can be relied upon and a cellular booster can ensure your clients well being and safety.
Wilson Antenna was founded by Jim Wilson in 1968 after growing up loving amateur radios and making antennas in his parent’s garage. Jim patented the first cellular booster in 2000 and formed Wilson Electronics which is now the industry leader and the holder of over 40 cellular signal boosting patents. The products Wilson manufacturers here in the USA are designed to ensure that mobile devices have access to a high-quality signal…..anytime and anywhere ensuring people can remain productive, safe and connected.

Jarmac selected Wilson as our exclusive vendor of cellular boosters because of their dedication to top-of-the-line products, superior customer service, and their excellent installer support.

Wilson Electronics offers dealer certified training courses, video tutorials, web-based training, public training and on-site training to ensure dealers are fully capable of maximizing their sales through a thorough knowledge of the product and the installation procedure.

To Learn More About WilsonPro cellular boosters Click Here



THE JARMAC TEAM IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO HELP DEALERS DRIVE THEIR BUSINESS During the first 2 weeks of May Jarmac did just that by getting out in the field and giving our dealers the opportunity to demonstrate the finest in outdoor audio & landscape lighting to prospective clients with the help of Coastal Source and our sales team.  We’re always happy to schedule live demos and trainings to help our dealers build their business and increase sales. Never hesitate to call your Jarmac representative to see what we can do to help you be more profitable.

The Jarmac Team has been bringing Coastal Source outdoor audio products to dealers in New England over the past two weeks to demonstrate what epic engineering looks and sounds like. When a product like Coastal Source comes along that is easily best in class, a live demonstration can be incredibly effective.

In conjunction with over a dozen of our dealers, we’ve arranged client demos so that our dealers could show customers looking for an upgrade to their outdoor living space what good outdoor audio sounds like!  We demonstrated Coastal Source Ellipse Bollards using their matching amplifiers and streaming sources.

The Coastal Source trailer is equipped with 8 different Sonos zones powering Coastal Source amplifiers for each zone. The trailer is stocked with the entire line of Bollard speakers, the modulus speakers and rocks so that any speaker combination can be played for a prospective client or dealer.  Also on board is a full array of landscape lighting that is sure to wow your clients.

Anyone who hasn’t heard this outdoor line and would like to, call your Jarmac rep to arrange a demonstration…HEARING IS BELIEVING!



CLICK HERE to explore The Coastal Source Outdoor Living Guide!






Free your music apps from the confines of operating through S̶o̶n̶o̶s̶ a 3rd party control app.

VSSL harnesses the power of Apple Airplay, Google Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect and DLNA to play your favorite music app in any zone in the house. New music apps are available immediately so there’s no waiting for system updates to come along.

The VSSL A.6 & A.3 feature 50 watts of power to each channel. The systems are designed to be used with the speakers of your choice allowing you to sell your clients vastly superior sounding speakers and the advantage of being able to use concealed architectural speakers instead of plastic boxes sprinkled around the house like other multiroom streaming systems.

  • Easy setup
  • Easy to use
  • No new apps to learn
  • Well made and great sounding electronics
  • Sell profitable speakers that meet your clients needs
  • Something unheard of with other systems…….Your sales are profitable when using VSSL.
  • You’d need to sell 2 to 3 Sonos systems to match the profit in 1 VSSL system!

Also… a 1-zone version is coming soon!

CLICK HERE to explore the VSSL A.6 system
CLICK HERE for details on the VSSL A.3 system




Qmotion Shades are well known for their motorized shades but what many dealers aren’t aware of is the fact that many
of their shade fabrics can be silkscreened!

Why would someone want to do that?  
In addition to providing glare and heat control, adding printed shades offer your customers endless design ideas for their projects. Qmotion printed shades are an ideal medium to display company logos, artwork, photographs, and additional display areas. Each shade is printed on-demand and are easy to order!

Qmotion printed shades are perfect for:

Promotional signage
Signs and banners
Scenic designs
Space dividers

QMotion goes beyond industry standards to reach new heights in innovation. Their shading systems are designed with both form and function in mind. If there is a new and more effective way of doing things they are going to get their creative minds to work to make it happen. At QMotion it is more than just developing a window solution, it is about a lifestyle solution. In constant pursuit of true perfection, they strive for a better way of doing things. Their mission is for their customers to always come first.

To Download the Qmotion Product Guide CLICK HERE

Ultimate Performance Subwoofers from Martin Logan

Ultimate Performance Subwoofers from Martin Logan

Chances are you’ve read or heard at some time that adding a subwoofer to a system built around electrostatic speakers is nearly impossible. Although that’s not necessarily true, the idea is grounded in experience. For many years subwoofers and electrostats did not blend very well. Turn on the sub and maybe you got the deeper, stronger bass you were looking for but that wonderful electrostatic snap and midrange clarity were, if not gone, now smeared and disconnected.

Martin Logan’s  goal, when they began their first subwoofer project, was to deliver the good stuff — deep, tight, powerful bass — and none of the bad. They wanted to build subwoofers that, when combined with ultra-fast electrostatics or conventional cone speakers, would blend seamlessly to the very bottom of the frequency extreme. BalancedForce subwoofers are the full realization of years of engineering by the MartinLogan team combined with the latest innovations in advanced digital signal processing, amplification, electrical system designs, and room correction.

BalancedForce Series Subwoofers
Opposing 10 or 12-inch Aluminum Element Woofers for deep, clean bass these woofers, spaced 180 degrees apart in a ‘BalancedForce’ configuration, operate in exact opposition, canceling distortion causing cabinet vibrations and deliver pure bass energy.
Traditional subwoofer enclosures suffer from an equal and opposite reaction to the cone’s movement, generating acoustic vibrations within the cabinet. You feel this by touching the cabinet. This phenomenon can actually cause a subwoofer cabinet to resonate or even move a small amount creating “smeared bass”. BalancedForce is an elegantly simple solution that removes the variable of cabinet vibration contributions from the acoustic equation.
Dynamo Powered Subwoofers
These unique Front-Firing, Down-Firing subwoofers prioritize placement flexibility because of the subwoofer’s front-firing or down-firing options.  All Dynamo subs except the 500 can be placed in a cabinet or other discreet location, then easily converted from standard down-firing to front-firing orientation, with no tools or special skills required. A grill cover and 90-degree RCA adaptors are provided for use in front-firing applications.  All Dynamo subs except the 500 also include a built-in wireless receiver to eliminate wires. These subwoofers are designed to be as discrete and installer friendly as possible.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Martin Logan Powered Subwoofers

Join the ranks of HTA-Certified Installers!

Join the ranks of HTA-Certified Installers!


What is the Home Technology Association?
The Home Technology Association is a consumer-facing Association committed to creating and enforcing an industry standard that only the best dealers in the country will meet. In other words, The HTA was formed to create a preeminent standard of excellence for the Custom Installation industry. HTA Certification is a rigorous standard that homeowners, builders, architects, and interior designers can rely on to find the very best residential technology integrators for their projects.

The HTA is the industry’s first independent organization dedicated toward empowering homeowners as they make technology purchases. The group promotes only the best high-performing technology integrators after a rigorous certification process.

What’s the benefit of HTA Certification?
The HTA builds customer confidence and allows integration firms to leverage a rigorous certification standard to gain consumer trust and win more projects. Dealers across the country are already using their HTA Certification credentials to differentiate their offerings and win projects from the sea of subpar “integrators” out there. The HTA’s one-of-a-kind technology budget calculator helps consumers not only determine realistic budget ranges, it also points them to the integrators that excel with their technology needs.

Dealers are sharing their HTA credentials on their websites, truck wraps, proposals, and also with professionals from the design/build community to help them find the best home technology firms for their projects. HTA Certified firms are winning!

How Are Dealers Evaluated?
Through a rigid set of more than 60+ evaluation criteria, the HTA created a certification system that identifies and classifies the best home technology companies while weeding out the bad apples.

The certification system is built around three pillars:

1 – Technical Competency:  The HTA believes that only technically-skilled firms have the ability to deliver a great home technology experience. Wecertify only the firms with a stellar history of technical expertise.
2 – Aftercare Service:  Technology is not perfect and is ever-changing. We believe homeowners need a responsive company to work with for ongoing customer service and support.
3 – Reputation:  A strong track record of being fair and honest is vital. We believe every HTA Certified company should inspire trust and confidence.

The HTA aims for great home technology experiences delivered by skilled, trustworthy companies who deliver exceptional customer service.
HTA Certified companies must all meet certain criteria and are then further divided into three categories depending on what their typical client and project may encompass. Just a few of the considerations when classifying a dealer are the types and size of homes, the homes technology needs, the level of customer service the client expects, the typical length of time the project will take and the general price point of the project. Based on these factors a certified dealer could be a “Foundation, Luxury or Estate” level dealer.These classifications are designed to help clients find the right fit for their project based on budget, complexity, and scale.

Want to Learn More?  See the Home Technology Association’s FAQ section by clicking here.
Analog baluns are so 2010.  Just Add Power HDMI Over IP is the Way to Distribute Video!

Analog baluns are so 2010. Just Add Power HDMI Over IP is the Way to Distribute Video!

Just Add Power is an ethernet based video distribution system that lets you build any size of HDMI video matrix, for installation in a residential or commercial setting.

Unlike using a conventional video matrix, a Just Add Power Solution lets you:

  • Point to Point or full video switching, J+P gives you full flexibility in your installation
  • Spec the exact number of input and output ports you need. You save your clients money and don’t waste any ports.
  • Easily send video and audio over 100 meters. By stacking switches you can run signals up to 10 kilometers.
  • No external video switching matrix box needed!
  • Decentralize your sources. No need for a central rack. Sources can be added to the network by connecting them from their normal locations.
  • Expand the system whenever your clients need change. No need to replace expensive existing equipment in order to add components to the system
  • All transmitters/receivers have built-in video wall software!  Provide video walls for sports bars, storefronts, live venues and reception areas without having to purchase an expensive video wall processor or narrow bezel displays.
  • With video tiling processor, you can use four or more HDMI source devices on a single screen in Full HD 1080p. Perfect for multi-view jobs of any size and used in sports bars and command centers worldwide.


The reviews are out and StormAudio has taken the top spot for the finest quality immersive audio products available!

Immersive Sound is one of the most significant home cinema developments in years and is seeing massive traction in applications. This plays into the growing trend for environments that engage people in a deep, emotional movie-watching or live music experience.

StormAudio offers: Preamp Processors in 16, 20 & 32 channel analog or digital configurations.
Amplifiers in 8 & 16 channel configurations
An immersive Sound AV Integrated Processor

These products are designed for the most demanding customers and as such, they are designed to check all the right boxes for those seeking the finest:
  • Finest sound quality
  • Best build quality
  • Most up to date feature set
  • Uncompromising reliability
  • Fully scalable and expandable
  • Widest variety of configurations to satisfy any installation requirement

CLICK HERE to learn more about StormAudio



For the past twelve years, SurgeX technology has never failed to protect connected equipment, due to an AC surge-related event. That’s a fact. 

SurgeX products are the most widely used in the ProAV market and for the past 12 years have helped protect nationally recognized concert halls, sports areas, and auditoriums. Recent installations include: Carnegie Hall, Dallas Cowboys new 2009 Stadium, Yankees Stadium, and The Kimmel Center.

SurgeX is the leading manufacturer of premium AC power conditioning products for the Pro and Residential audio, video, broadcast, and multi-media marketplace. Superior to conventional MOV surge suppressors, SurgeX Advanced Series Mode technology is the only power protection product line in the market that completely eliminates surge energy without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common-mode disturbances.

To prevent power outages and glitches from causing damage and lock-ups of your clients delicate home automation, automated lighting control, and all other CPU based equipment.always use a UPS as part of your power protection plan.

SurgeX manufactures Uninterruptible Power Supplies ranging all the way up to a 20kVA large format UPS.
SurgeX Standalone UPS solutions deliver clean continuous power, via online double conversion technology, to ensure the safe shutdown of equipment in the event of an outage. All incoming power is converted from AC to DC and then back to AC. If the main power is interrupted, the batteries are still holding up the incoming DC supply to the inverter, so the load continues to be supplied with absolutely no interruption whatsoever. The zero transfer time guarantees mission critical equipment remains up and running.

They also manufactures a full line of residential and commercial surge elimination devices that are so superior to other brands that they’re the product of choice for the NASA control center for the Hubble mission as well as the Staples Center, Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

CLICK HERE To see the complete line of SurgeX Power Protection Products



Blending Design and Technology is what Seura does best!
Seura TV/Mirrors are unique! Seura uses an innovative new glass that resembles traditional silver mirror more closely than any previous Séura TV Mirror when the display is turned off, but permits ultra-high definition video to shine through while the display is operating. The result is a true to life reflection when the TV is off and a more vivid video quality when the TV is on.

Every Seura TV/Mirror is designed and built to order to compliment your client’s space.

Unique design and configuration options include mirror size, TV screen size, designer frames and other custom design offerings


Seura Entertainment Mirror/TVs feature:
Elegance in an instant. Vanishing glass is designed to provide excellent mirror reflectivity while making it possible for a television to completely disappear when turned off.

Unique design configuration options include display size, mirror size, framing, technology upgrades and more.

4K UHD picture clarity-four times the resolution of regular HD-amazingly sharp details immerse you in the moment.

Click Here to Learn More about Seura Mirror TV



Coastal Source builds solutions… that defy the elements.  Coastal Source brought their outdoor audio products to dealers in New England last week to demonstrate what epic engineering looks and sounds like. Coastal Source demonstrated their Ellipse Bollards using matching Coastal Source amplification and streaming sources.

Hear it Once, Love it Forever… The Coastal Source Ellipse Bollard line of outdoor speakers uses a wide dispersion design that creates a big sound field with fewer speakers. By using a 120-degree dispersion pattern listeners throughout the listening area hear a spacious sound field with no dead spots. Coastal Source outdoor audio has to be heard to be believed!

Ellipse Bollards feature:
  • Simple & clean design that blends well with most environments 
  • Large speaker performance in small visual footprint
  • Superior sound & SPL due to large area custom drivers
  • Pivoting tweeter
  • Time-aligned sloped baffle
  • Multi-layer grille for additional protection
  • Specialized mounts for all surfaces
Ellipse Bollard speakers are available in a number of styles all using the patented Coastal Connector plug and play wiring system for quick and easy installation and the most reliable connections of any outdoor audio system. Coastal Source Lighting and Audio products are built with integrity offering your clients the best quality outdoor products on the market.

CLICK HERE to get inspired with the Coastal Source Outdoor Living Guide

Just Add Power Receives Top New Technology Award at ISE 2018

Just Add Power Receives Top New Technology Award at ISE 2018

Just Add Power’s 3G+4+ Tiling Transmitter earned a Top New Technology Award for Video Wall Solutions at ISE 2018 in Amsterdam.

The 3G+4+ Tiling Transmitter is the world’s first 4K network video tiler, allowing any four 4K-source devices to be displayed on a single screen instantly. 

The 3G+4+ Tiling Transmitter is a flexible 1RU device that can be applied to any residential or commercial installation requiring multiview functionality, providing video support for resolutions up to full 4K HDR compatibility. Once tiled, the video feed can be distributed to an unlimited number of screens, making it the ideal solution for any entertainment space and video wall configuration.

CLICK HERE to read the article on Technology Integrator



At a recent Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the Mayor of Easton, Pennsylvania, Access Networks announced they are now shipping from their new East Coast Warehouse, giving dealers in the Northeast 1 to 2 day delivery on orders. The facility boasts state-of-the-art training rooms as well as system configuration labs.

Our Northeast dealers will now have the product as fast as any vendor, along with the quality that comes from Access Networks including Ruckus, Cisco, Luxul & eero.

CLICK HERE to visit



The Minus by APURE is a breakthrough in conception, technology and design and the most powerful small LED light in the world.  An architectural lighting marvel which requires less than 1″ (25mm) of ceiling recess and an aperture of less than 1/2″ (10mm)…smaller than a dime.   Minus produces a discrete lighting effect, virtually glare free and capable of producing an output of over 1000 lumens from source. But it is the daring innovation – the desire to save overhead space – that is the genius of Minus.

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TDG Skybar In-Ceiling Soundbar Breaks Mold

TDG Skybar In-Ceiling Soundbar Breaks Mold

The DaVinci Group (TDG) invents new product category with $1,000 Skybar LCR in-ceiling soundbars and satellite speakers for home theater.

Look, up in the sky (or in this case, the ceiling)… it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a… soundbar? Jeff Francisco, president and CEO of The DaVinci Group, Inc. (TDG) might not be Superman, but he can lay claim to perhaps being one of the only exhibitors at CEDIA 2017 who invented an entirely new product category: the in-ceiling soundbar. Indeed, the company showed its new Skybar LCR architectural audio system that includes an in-ceiling soundbar, along with satellite speakers.

“TDG’s Skybar System is the result of deep collaboration with TDG dealers, who told us they needed a solution where the aesthetics of the installation require a lower impact design rather than multiple individual component speakers,” says Francisco. “With our new Skybar solution, integrators can fulfill their clients’ request and do so without sacrificing sound quality for a tremendous seven-channel home theater performance out of just three diminutive in-ceiling or in-wall boxes.”

CLICK HERE to read article on CEPro Magazine.

The AI-Powered Search Engine for Security & Surveillance Video is Here: Meet Ella

The AI-Powered Search Engine for Security & Surveillance Video is Here: Meet Ella

IC Realtime introduces video search engine technology that will augment surveillance systems using analytics, natural language processing and machine vision.

Most video monitoring systems require you to sift through hours of video to find the events that matter. ella lets you zero-in on events in seconds. Using the most advanced machine learning algorithms, ella is able to identify the most important events that were recorded.

IC Realtime, a leader in digital surveillance and security technology recently announced the introduction of Ella, a new cloud-based deep-learning search engine that augments surveillance systems with natural language search capabilities across recorded video footage.

CLICK HERE to read article on Business Wire.

The Jarmac Group Wins Sales Achievement Awards at CEDIA 2017

The Jarmac Group Wins Sales Achievement Awards at CEDIA 2017

Tech Industry Leaders Honor Jarmac for Performance

SAN DIEGO, CA, September, 2017 – The Jarmac Group is proud to have been recognized by both Sony and Building Control Systems with two of their most coveted awards: Sony’s CIS Most Improved Territory and BCS Residential Sales Representative of the Year. Industry award winners were honored during the 2017 CEDIA Expo in San Diego, CA.
Jarmac earned top marks for accomplishments in support of the Sony and Legrand brands, including QMotion and Vantage“We want to thank all of the dealers in New York and New England that we consider our partners and friends,” said Peter Dyroff, President of Jarmac.  “We are all enjoying this great ride together and look forward to an even more successful road ahead with each and everyone of you!”
This national recognition underscores Jarmac’s commitment to bringing the highest quality products to the home and commercial technology sectors.

Sony Line Show and Training Event

Sony Line Show and Training Event

Thank You to all our dealers for our Best Sony Event yet!

The Jarmac Group recently partnered with MRI to bring Sony‘s newest and most exciting line ever to New England AV dealers at our Sony Training and Line Show, and our 2017 event has proving to be our best yet!

Thank you to all who were able to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to learn more about what Sony has to offer.  We look forward to keeping the momentum strong in 2017.
Ken Johnsen, National CIS Trainer for Sony revealed “pro tricks” for setting up the new OLED & LED TV’s, ES AV Receivers, and Sony‘s award winning line of projectors.

Hideko “Koshi” Igarashi, National Audio Manager gave great information on the ES AV Receiver line. In particular, how to set up and use Sonos integration, 2 zone AV and HDMI switching.

THE BEST product lineup in Sony‘s history was on full display, representing their current state of the art.

Home Tech and More at the 67th Annual RI Home Show

Home Tech and More at the 67th Annual RI Home Show


This Year’s Event was Bigger and Better than ever!

The 67th Annual RI Home Show returned to the RI Convention Center last week, and Jarmac was there to support Mulholland Audio Video of Seekonk, MA and Flint Audio Video of Middletown & South Kingstown, RI, who highlighted the Sony, Vantage & QMotion brands.


Mulholland Audio Video‘s home show display featured home automation, media rooms, audio & video, surveillance cameras, whole house music for indoor and outdoor living spaces and more!


Powered by the knowledgeable professionals at Flint Audio & Video, the Home Show was proud to present the Home Tech Showcase.  The 12-room show house featured an experience designed to educate you on the latest in smart home technology. From lighting, to energy use, to security, to entertainment, exploring what the future has to offer!

CLICK HERE to visit the RI Home Show website.

Witnessing History on GoVision Screens

Witnessing History on GoVision Screens

GoVision sprints into the new year working some of the largest events in the world!

Inauguration Crowds Witness History on GoVision Screens: Let’s not worry how many were actually there … What’s important is that for the fourth consecutive time, GoVision was tasked with providing the massive LED screens for a solemn and historic ceremony celebrating the peaceful transition of power.

When Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Jan. 20, he was flanked by two 19’ x 33’ G16 mobile LED screens positioned on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. Nine additional mobile and modular screens were set-up in strategic locations around the Capitol to enable the crowds to enjoy a larger-than-life view of the ceremony.

GoVision Scores At Super Bowl LI: The Patriots weren’t the only ones to leave Houston with a smile. Team GoVision also enjoyed a winning Super Bowl Weekend, with all 22 of their mobile units – sporting their newly retrofitted 10mm screens – busy at events across the city.

GoVision Raises the NYE Star for Chi-Town: For the second consecutive year, GoVision helped ring in the New Year in Chicago. The centerpiece of the downtown “Chi-Town Rising” event was a giant Rising Star constructed from LED panels that – rather than dropping like the ball in Times Square – rose 360 feet in the air during the final countdown.

Parades, Pucks and Pigskin: On Jan. 2, GoVision helped the nation celebrate the New Year at the granddaddy of them all, The Rose Parade. Our G6 LED screen, located in the Grandstand area, enabled the massive on-site crowd and television viewers from around the globe to take in the excitement of this breathtaking, internationally acclaimed procession of fanfare and flowers.

Las Vegas Open House Kicks Off New Year: GoVision opened a new office and equipment facility in Las Vegas last July, headed by Account Executive Joe Danczak. The facility – which houses a substantial amount of our state-of-the-art modular and mobile LED inventory, as well as both Sales and Technical/Operations staff – is helping us to better serve GoVision’s clients in the western half of the country.

CLICK HERE for more information on GoVision TV.

The Infinite Sweet Spot – A New Concept in Landscape Audio Topology

The Infinite Sweet Spot – A New Concept in Landscape Audio Topology

Designing system configurations for outdoor landscape audio systems has always been a bit of a challenge. Many integrators design outdoor systems utilizing a “stereo” or two-channel configuration. However, engineers at TDG have developed technology that allows for an all-new system topology that provides for what we call the Infinite Sweet Spot.

But before we get into just how the Infinite Sweet Spot works, let’s first look at the extra challenges that exist when designing systems for outdoor entertainment…

CLICK HERE to read full article on

Learn more about Vanguard Dynamics Outdoor Audio solutions, including the ORS-802STT by following this link… 

See more on TDG’s portfolio of unique and high-performance technologies here…

How Muscle Shoals Sound is going back to the future

How Muscle Shoals Sound is going back to the future

If you’re going to install new audio and video equipment at Muscle Shoals Sound it better sound good.

It better look good, too.

Actually, it better look old.

Last year, Muscle Shoals Sound, the famous Sheffield studio where artists including the Rolling Stones, Paul Simon and Staple Singers cut classic tracks, underwent renovations to restore the look to its ’70s prime.

When Muscle Shoals Sound was reopened for tours this January, Muscle Shoals Music Foundation director Bonnie Bak felt adding some A/V would enhance the experience for visitors. And help tell the story of Muscle Shoals Sound. And of the iconic studio musicians who founded it, the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, better known now as The Swampers, thanks to a shout-out in the Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Sweet Home Alabama.”

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Séura® Invents TV Technology that Automatically Adjusts Picture Modes as Outdoor Lighting Conditions Change

Séura® Invents TV Technology that Automatically Adjusts Picture Modes as Outdoor Lighting Conditions Change

Séura Adaptive Picture Technology™ is available exclusively on Séura Storm Ultra Bright™ Outdoor TVs

Green Bay, Wis. – Today Séura announced a new, advanced outdoor TV feature that is exclusive to Séura Storm Ultra Bright outdoor televisions – Séura Adaptive Picture Technology. The patent-pending technology has 110 picture mode variations that adapt as outdoor lighting conditions change throughout the day and night to ensure the best outdoor viewing experience. Adaptive Picture Technology is the first-ever solution that automatically adjusts both backlight brightness and picture settings to create the optimal television viewing experience outdoors.

“Consumers naturally expect their outdoor technology to work the same way their indoor technology works – meaning they don’t even need to think about it…it just works,” said Keegan Coulter, Séura Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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Sony Readies 4K Blu-ray, UST Laser Projector

Sony Readies 4K Blu-ray, UST Laser Projector

Company’s first 4K Blu-ray will hit market next month
In addition to unveiling nine more 4K LCD TVs, Sony also released more details about its first 4K Blu-ray player and a native-4K ultra-short-throw projector.

4K Blu-ray: The company’s first 4K Blu-ray player hitting the market will be the $299-suggested UBP-X800, in stores in March and followed by the specialist/installer-dedicated UBP-X1000, as yet unpriced.

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