Jarmac’s Coastal Source Sprinter is Here!

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Jarmac’s Coastal Source Sprinter is Here!

Jarmac and Coastal Source have partnered to bring our New England dealers the state-of-the-art tools to take outdoor audio and lighting to the next level. Our demo Sprinter contains the full assortment of Coastal Source Bollard Outdoor Speakers and Subwoofers as well as all models of their CRS Rack Mount Amplifiers.

We’re fully equipped to make sure dealers get the help needed to close outdoor audio and lighting sales.  Start coordinating demos for your clients.  With 16 channels & over 8000 watts of Coastal Source IP Controllable Rack Mount Power, 8 Sonos Zones, and 13 speakers we can demo products to fit any budget and any taste in any size outdoor living space.  Your clients are guaranteed to smile as soon as they hear their favorite tunes sounding better than they’ve ever heard them…….indoors or out!

Showcase the entire outdoor environment!  Our dealers along with tools like these make for an unstoppable powerhouse.  Go from “selling some outdoor” to becoming the expert in outdoor audio entertainment.  Once you’ve got your clients listening to Coastal Source Outdoor Audio, you can then inspire them with Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting.


Yes…our Sprinter is also outfitted with the capability of displaying outdoor lighting as well!
Lighting is a lucrative category that is a comfortable fit for CI dealers. Why turn the lighting over to a third party when you’re already working with a client you’ve built a relationship with?

Our sincere appreciation goes to Coastal Source for outfitting our Sprinter the only way they know how……Top of The Line!

Excellent Products, Excellent Workmanship, Excellent Dealer Support, Excellent Design Team and Excellent Training Program.

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