When Your Reference is Live Music

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When Your Reference is Live Music

The new Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers fall in the middle of their current speaker line between the standard Reference and Heritage Classic lines, and have gotten cosmetic and technical upgrades for 2018. The line consists of 5 floor-standing models, 3 bookshelf, 5 center channels and 3 surround models.

On the cosmetic side, there are new copper trim rings around the patented Tractrix horn and the woofer, along with a new satin baffle. They have also added new upgraded veneer options for the exterior of the speaker, including walnut vinyl. The word that summarizes the new look is “elegant”.

On the technical side, Klipsch has tweaked this top-performing line to squeeze even more accurate sound from this successful design. They’ve upgraded the titanium tweeter, by adding venting to increase the clarity and imaging of the speakers.

They’ve also coated the horn with a silicone layer to damp reflections. Remember that the horn allows Klipsch to control the directivity of the driver to eliminate room reflections and interactions. Now think about how important controlled directivity is when creating height channels in a Dolby Atmos theater and you can understand why Klipsch rules when designing a home theater.

The Cerametallic woofer is extremely rigid but also extremely light. Perfect for reproducing deep tight bass. Klipsch wraps all this good design up in a box which uses lock-joint and miter construction for an ultra stiff enclosure, then adds H bracing to create the most resonant-free cabinet possible. The Reference Premier line uses dual inputs to allow for bi-amping or bi-wiring and uses aluminum feet to position the speaker at the correct angle for the best frequency response and imaging.

What about all the other rooms of the house?

Klipsch Reference Premiere Sound is also available in their architectural line of speakers. By also utilizing horn loaded titanium tweeters and Cerametallic woofers Klipsch has made it easy to mix and match bookshelf, floorstanding, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers while maintaining a consistent tonal balance between speakers. Klipsch Architectural Reference Premiere speakers all ship with round and square grills. No last minute panic at the job site!

Klipsch has been around for 72 years and they have put all that knowledge and experience into their best Reference speakers ever!

To learn more, visit Klipsch.com.