Séura SMART Mirrors

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Séura SMART Mirrors
Research indicates that as many as 64% of American adults report using their smart devices in the bathroom.  

Séura engineered the SMART Mirror to provide a solution that brings smart capability into the bathroom while being hands-free and allowing for multi-tasking, unlike any other device.

The Seura SMART Mirror is a fully customizable, highly capable interactive display designed to help consumers accomplish even more during the time they spend in front of their mirror. The user interface allows consumers to create their own custom SMART Mirror dashboards featuring their favorite apps and widgets from the Google Play Store.

This SMART Mirror offers the convenience of bringing one’s calendar, weather, email, music, social media, video streaming, news and more to the bathroom mirror. The display also has the ability to function as a live TV.

“We designed the SMART Mirror user experience with women in mind,” said Gretchen Gilbertson, Séura Co-Founder, and CEO.“As women, we are constantly prioritizing and trying to get the most out of each day. We are also typically spending more than an hour in the bathroom every day getting ready or winding down. The SMART Mirror is a solution that will enable women to make more of this time spent in front of the mirror – whether they use it to organize, to escape, to entertain or anything in between.”

The SMART Mirror also plays an important role in the smart home revolution, bringing comprehensive home control capabilities to the bathroom for the first time ever. The interface allows users to access their smart home automation apps to monitor and adjust lighting, temperature, music, shades, and security all from the place they start and end every day: the bathroom vanity.

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