Ultimate Performance Subwoofers from Martin Logan

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Ultimate Performance Subwoofers from Martin Logan

Chances are you’ve read or heard at some time that adding a subwoofer to a system built around electrostatic speakers is nearly impossible. Although that’s not necessarily true, the idea is grounded in experience. For many years subwoofers and electrostats did not blend very well. Turn on the sub and maybe you got the deeper, stronger bass you were looking for but that wonderful electrostatic snap and midrange clarity were, if not gone, now smeared and disconnected.

Martin Logan’s  goal, when they began their first subwoofer project, was to deliver the good stuff — deep, tight, powerful bass — and none of the bad. They wanted to build subwoofers that, when combined with ultra-fast electrostatics or conventional cone speakers, would blend seamlessly to the very bottom of the frequency extreme. BalancedForce subwoofers are the full realization of years of engineering by the MartinLogan team combined with the latest innovations in advanced digital signal processing, amplification, electrical system designs, and room correction.

BalancedForce Series Subwoofers
Opposing 10 or 12-inch Aluminum Element Woofers for deep, clean bass these woofers, spaced 180 degrees apart in a ‘BalancedForce’ configuration, operate in exact opposition, canceling distortion causing cabinet vibrations and deliver pure bass energy.
Traditional subwoofer enclosures suffer from an equal and opposite reaction to the cone’s movement, generating acoustic vibrations within the cabinet. You feel this by touching the cabinet. This phenomenon can actually cause a subwoofer cabinet to resonate or even move a small amount creating “smeared bass”. BalancedForce is an elegantly simple solution that removes the variable of cabinet vibration contributions from the acoustic equation.
Dynamo Powered Subwoofers
These unique Front-Firing, Down-Firing subwoofers prioritize placement flexibility because of the subwoofer’s front-firing or down-firing options.  All Dynamo subs except the 500 can be placed in a cabinet or other discreet location, then easily converted from standard down-firing to front-firing orientation, with no tools or special skills required. A grill cover and 90-degree RCA adaptors are provided for use in front-firing applications.  All Dynamo subs except the 500 also include a built-in wireless receiver to eliminate wires. These subwoofers are designed to be as discrete and installer friendly as possible.

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