Join the ranks of HTA-Certified Installers!

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Join the ranks of HTA-Certified Installers!


What is the Home Technology Association?
The Home Technology Association is a consumer-facing Association committed to creating and enforcing an industry standard that only the best dealers in the country will meet. In other words, The HTA was formed to create a preeminent standard of excellence for the Custom Installation industry. HTA Certification is a rigorous standard that homeowners, builders, architects, and interior designers can rely on to find the very best residential technology integrators for their projects.

The HTA is the industry’s first independent organization dedicated toward empowering homeowners as they make technology purchases. The group promotes only the best high-performing technology integrators after a rigorous certification process.

What’s the benefit of HTA Certification?
The HTA builds customer confidence and allows integration firms to leverage a rigorous certification standard to gain consumer trust and win more projects. Dealers across the country are already using their HTA Certification credentials to differentiate their offerings and win projects from the sea of subpar “integrators” out there. The HTA’s one-of-a-kind technology budget calculator helps consumers not only determine realistic budget ranges, it also points them to the integrators that excel with their technology needs.

Dealers are sharing their HTA credentials on their websites, truck wraps, proposals, and also with professionals from the design/build community to help them find the best home technology firms for their projects. HTA Certified firms are winning!

How Are Dealers Evaluated?
Through a rigid set of more than 60+ evaluation criteria, the HTA created a certification system that identifies and classifies the best home technology companies while weeding out the bad apples.

The certification system is built around three pillars:

1 – Technical Competency:  The HTA believes that only technically-skilled firms have the ability to deliver a great home technology experience. Wecertify only the firms with a stellar history of technical expertise.
2 – Aftercare Service:  Technology is not perfect and is ever-changing. We believe homeowners need a responsive company to work with for ongoing customer service and support.
3 – Reputation:  A strong track record of being fair and honest is vital. We believe every HTA Certified company should inspire trust and confidence.

The HTA aims for great home technology experiences delivered by skilled, trustworthy companies who deliver exceptional customer service.
HTA Certified companies must all meet certain criteria and are then further divided into three categories depending on what their typical client and project may encompass. Just a few of the considerations when classifying a dealer are the types and size of homes, the homes technology needs, the level of customer service the client expects, the typical length of time the project will take and the general price point of the project. Based on these factors a certified dealer could be a “Foundation, Luxury or Estate” level dealer.These classifications are designed to help clients find the right fit for their project based on budget, complexity, and scale.

Want to Learn More?  See the Home Technology Association’s FAQ section by clicking here.